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  • Powerband Chassis

    New, exclusive 1-piece TPU forefoot platform replaces the conventional 2-piece midsole/outsole construction to deliver unrivaled power and stability. Read more

  • ThiNTech

    Low-profile outsole technology brings you even closer to the ground for improved stability, better overall footwork and ultimately more consistent ball-striking. Read more

  • THiNTech cleat

    An advanced, cleat system that combines a low-profile, anti-clogging cleat design and thinner outsole receptacle to bring you lower to the course for better power transfer, more stability, better balance, improved overall footwork and ultimately more consistent ball-striking. Read more

  • Torsion® System

    Lightweight arch support that provides greater torsional flexibility with additional longitudinal structure and support. This allows the forefoot and rearfoot to move independently for better ground surface adaptation and stability during the golf swing. Read more


    A high-traction outsole technology featuring secondary lugs that are strategically shaped and placed to provide maximum grip and prevent slippage on all types of ground surfaces while remaining green-friendly. Read more

  • adiPRENE®

    Provides long-lasting impact absorption in the heel for long-lasting comfort. Read more

  • adiPRENE® +

    A highly resilient material that manages energy for improved responses in the footbed. This technology's fast, reactive response provides immediate feedback to promote improved footwork for better weight transfer and balance. Read more

  • adiTUFF™

    adiTUFF technology delivers improved durability and abrasion resistance in the toe area and keeps the shoe looking great. Read more

  • adiWEAR®

    An extremely durable, non-marking rubber used for outsoles that offers the optimal balance of abrasion resistance, traction and flexibility, and which resists wear for the long haul. Read more

  • Advanced Traxion Technology

    A versatile and innovative outsold design that utilizes permanent gripping elements to promote superior grip, stability and comfort, while preventing spike marks. Read more


    An exclusive technology that provides maximum all-around ventilation to keep the foot cool, dry and comfortable. Read more

  • Climaproof®

    Combines technologies to deliver 100% waterproof protection. The first layer wicks inside moisture to the shoe's surface, while the second layer surrounds the foot with a waterproof membrane. Read more

  • FitFOAM™

    A molded Polyurethane inlay sole that supports the golfer's foot from heel to toe for enhanced fit, comfort and balance. Read more


    A system of decoupled outsole parts that allow specific zones to move more freely. This keeps the shoe with the foot for a more balanced and stable golf swing while softening the heel strike for a much smoother and natural feel each and every step. Read more

  • Gripzone

    A textured surface that locks the foot securely in place, turning the foot and shoe into a single, solid unit that promotes maximum power and control. Read more

  • 360wrap

    Upper components that surround and bolster the foot in strategic locations promote unsurpassed stability and tour-caliber performance. Read more